Perfecting your Summer Barbecue

Now that we’re in the heart of summer barbecue season – you may be asking yourself, “how can I throw the best summer bash?” Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, marriage, or anniversary, a summer barbecue is the best way to entertain guests with a whole slew of steak cuts and (plenty) of cold drinks. Many people make the mistakes when throwing a barbecue, so it’s best to keep a few things in mind when planning your party.


As we’ve written about before, selecting the right cuts of steak for your barbecue is important  but as the year goes on and temperatures change, it’s important to realize how your meat selection should change as well. Just as you wouldn’t serve Moscow Mules in the blistering July heat, you wouldn’t want to serve a very fatty cut of steak during the summer either – keep your cuts mean, lean, and full of summertime flavor. Even though your steaks arrive perfectly from the butcher, many people overlook adding rubs to their meat; this can greatly reduce the amount of flavor in the food you serve. Adding flavor to your steaks is incredibly easy – all you need are herbs, citrus, butter, or any combination of the three you wish to add. Some people also add caramelized onions to their steaks to add an extra layer of flavor. Because it is the summer, citrus flavors like lemon pair very well with summertime cuts. Because steak is often the “star” of your barbecue, some hosts forget about the other food they will serve to go along with the fresh meat. But contrary to popular belief, other food options aren’t as difficult as you may think. While your grill is already working to cook your steaks, corn on the cob is a summertime favorite. You can even experiment with different flavors, such as adding parmesan cheese or different kinds of butter. For guests that may be vegetarian or vegan, one of the biggest (and most obvious) mistakes you can make is not having anything for them. Grilled peppers, salad, and even vegetarian burgers can be great substitutes for the cuts you’re preparing for the rest of your guests.


Where some guests may be vegetarian or vegan, some of your guests may also not drink. Serving non-alcoholic drinks such as freshly-made lemonade or different sodas can give your guests who don’t drink alcohol options. For those who do drink, creating cocktails for each person may become laborious – for larger summer gatherings, you can create a punchbowl-style drink that can serve many guests at once. You can do this by adding different alcohol, juices, and fresh fruit to create a delicious beverage. Even though it is stressful to think about – there is one circumstance that can negatively impact your barbecue – rain. If you were planning on grilling/hosting guests outside, rain could make this very difficult. Luckily, there are many options for indoor grilling, such as an electric grill top or grilling pan.


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