New Year, New Smokes: Three Cigars You Should Try

Enjoying cigars to the fullest extent necessarily involves developing your palate and trying new experiences. There are so many variations and interpretations of fine cigars that exhausting the industry’s possibilities is practically impossible. This makes it important to hear what other aficionados are saying about their favorite new smokes.


The cigar market is ever-expanding, with wonderful offerings from rich Nicaraguan tobaccos and carefully crafted stogies from the Dominican Republic, as well as the classic and unequaled profiles of industry-dominating Cuban smokes. At Rib’N Reef, we love helping our patrons enjoy the best offerings in food, drink, and fine tobacco. That’s why we’ve picked three unique, stellar cigars you should check out for the new year.


Make sure to keep your eye out for these three all-star stogies — any one of them is sure to help you ring the year in right!

The Rocky Patel Hamlet 25th Year Salomon

The massive Salomon by Rocky Patel is sure to draw attention if you light it up in your favorite lounge or your next friendly gathering. The Salomon is an aesthetic masterpiece of beautiful, glossy Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper leaves ingeniously combined with a Honduran and Nicaraguan long filler. Completed with a clipped perfecto foot and a delicate perfecto cap, the Saloman is a breeze to cut, light, and enjoy. This imposing 75/8 x 58 figurado should be enjoyed slowly when you have lots of free time since this is one cigar that under no circumstances should be rushed.

The Cohiba Spectre

The Cohiba Spectre is one of those cigars every connoisseur appreciates because it is the result of a happy accident. A bale of 1995 Piloto Cubano tobacco had been uncovered in a General Cigar warehouse where it had been quietly aging for two and a half decades. These leaves became the long filler for this 71/4 x 54 Churchill that, all told, wields an astonishing eight kinds of tobacco from five separate countries. Combining a Nicaraguan long filler masterfully aged in Spanish sherry barrels and buried deep in Honduran tobaccos, the Spectre is bound together with a hefty Connecticut broadleaf and decorated with an exquisite Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. The Spectre boasts a unique reddish hue as a result of its curing process, with a scrumptious leathery and chocolate flavor and notes of vibrant rainforest. There are only 180 boxes of 10 Spectres available, so get them while you can!


La Gran Oferta by My Father Cigars

La Gran Oferta (Spanish for “the great offering”) unequivocally lives up to its title. La Gran Oferta takes its name (and art designs) from a now-lost Cuban brand from 1913, and the Ecuadorian Habano Rosado Oscuro wrapper immediately designates it a worthy offering to cigar smokers everywhere. La Gran Oferta offers a medium to full-bodied smoke with flavors of chocolate, cherry, and curry that is unlike any cigar in your humidor. La Gran Oferta is offered in five sizes, from solid robusto to delicate lancero, meaning its wonderful flavor and aroma can be enjoyed practically in any circumstance.


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