What are the best pieces of meat at your butcher shop ?

When trying to cook the perfect steak, getting the best piece of beef is easily the most important part of the process. It doesn’t matter how good your recipe or cooking style is — without a good grade and cut of meat, you’ll never get the tender, flavorful result that you desire.


If you want something different than the usual rib eye and tenderloin cuts, you’ll likely need to venture away from a normal grocery store and go to a butcher shop. So what pieces of meat should you look for the next time you’re planning on cooking a delicious beef dinner? While everyone’s personal tastes are different, the following pieces serve as a great starting point to help you get the best flavor for your money.


The porterhouse cut is sometimes called the “King of Steaks,” and for most backyard grillers, this is quite possibly the best piece of beef you can buy. The real secret to the porterhouse’s popularity is that it is essentially a two for one steak — you get both filet mignon and New York strip in the same cut of meat. You really can’t go wrong with that type of pedigree!

Strip Steak

New York strip, Kansas City strip — regardless of the exact name being used, there are several reasons why strip steaks are one of the most popular cuts of beef on the market. Cut from the longissimus dorsi muscle in the cow, strip steak is renowned for its great beefy flavor and marbling. Because it has less fat and is easier to trim than ribeye steaks, it is also much easier to cook, making it a great option for backyard grilling.

Teres Major

This lesser known cut of beef is a high quality (and less expensive) option for those who love filet mignon and beef tenderloin. This lean and tender strip comes from the cow’s shoulder, and can be served roasted whole or cut into single-serve pieces. As with filet mignon, the teres major cut cooks quickly and is low in fat, making it a good option for those who enjoy beef but are making a more conscious effort to watch their waistline.

Top Sirloin

This lean cut of meat from the primal loin of the cow is popular for kabobs or marinated steak recipes. The removal of bone, tenderloin, and bottom round muscles makes cooking this piece of beef much easier, as well. Similar to other strip cuts, the top sirloin offers a good balance between tenderness and chewiness along with a strong beef flavor.


Similar to the porterhouse, the t-bone cut actually combines two other prized cuts of beef — in this case, tenderloin and strip. Unlike the porterhouse, the t-bone is taken from the area near the front of the Short loin primal. Because it contains two different cuts of meat, each side of the steak will have its own distinct flavor. However, this can make cooking a bit more difficult for the inexperienced griller, as the tenderloin and strip cook at different rates.

Chuck Steak

While most of us only think of using chuck for ground beef, this cut of meat is another good option for those looking to save a little bit of money when buying a cut of steak beef. This shoulder meat is located close to the ribeye, providing it with much of the same great flavor, even if it is a bit chewier than its more well-known cousin. Higher fat content is actually what lends the ribeye and the chuck steak their flavor.

Don’t Forget the Grade!

When trying to find the best piece of beef, you can’t forget the grade. This measures the age and marbling of the cut of beef — the better the grade, the better the flavor will be. It’s well worth it to get a higher-grade cut of meat if you want to cook a truly delicious steak.


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