Top 10 : The best cigars available in Montreal

Nothing concludes a night out on the town like treating yourself to one or two of the best cigars around. Whether you are looking for a unique experience or are a dedicated aficionado, enjoying a quality cigar in a lounge will be something you’ll want to repeat more often.

Montecristo No.2 (Piramides)

A well-known classic, this torpedo cigar is the standard to which all other Cuban cigars are measured up against. It boasts a creamy taste balanced with just the right amount of spice within a medium to full body. Many will say that the Montecristo No. 2 is the best cigar in the world, and the rankings have been supporting that opinion for many years.

Partagas Serie D

Partagas is one of the oldest Cuban cigar manufacturers in existence, and their quality echoes their heritage and history. If you are looking for a woody finish, this is your cigar of choice, even if it less known than the popular Cohibas and Montecristos.

Cohiba Behike (52 & 54)

You’ll find that the price reflects the quality and limited supply of these Cohiba cigars. Made from aged tobacco leaves picked from the top of the plant for maximum intensity, you’ll find that nothing quite measures up to their strength. One of the most desired and sought after cigars in the world, it’s yours for the tasting.

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas

A perfect day smoke that will last you a while, the Double Corona has extremely balanced flavours with warm notes of Cuban coffee and cocoa which leaves a light spice aftertaste. Even those who don’t regularly smoke cigars will appreciate the delicious aroma and clean burn.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchills

This signature cigar has many dedicated patrons, and you might find that you’re a fan as well. Easy to smoke thanks to its medium body, smooth draw and balanced flavour, you’ll detect creamy and sweet notes throughout.

Montecristo No. 4

A light alternative to many of the intense Cuban cigars, the Montecristo No.4 is the perfect addition to your morning espresso or the subject of your mid-morning smoke. It’s medium bodied, small in size, and has a smooth smoke profile. No wonder it’s enjoyed all around the world.

Partegas Serie E

Easily one of the fattest cigars you’ll find, the size doesn’t upset the quality which is still top-notch and contains complex flavours thanks to the fine tobacco used for its production.

Cohiba Siglo VI

For its large gauge, the Siglo VI still maintains a medium body, thanks to the inclusion of limited amounts ligero tobacco to give it strength without overwhelming it. A balanced blend, this was a revolutionary creation for the Cohibo brand but well worth the risk.

Cohiba Robustos

If you are craving a medium bodied cigar with more spice than cream, try a Cohiba Robusto. With notes of pepper and cedar, it will satisfy your flavour profile without knocking you out with a heavy body.

Partagas Serie P No. 2 Tubo

If you are looking for an experience rather than a simple smoke, this cigar is one that you should definitely try. It transitions from heavier, spicier notes to sweeter cinnamon ones as the oily wrapper burns away leaving a perfect, white ash. You’ll feel even more daring knowing that these cigars are banned in the States and our Southern neighbors aren’t able to access this Cuban gem.


Rankings change annually, as do the palettes of those who smoke, so pick a range of these best cigars to try and determine your own favourite. By experimenting with different bodies, notes, and cigar styles, you will form an opinion of your own and find that different cigars satisfy different situations, moments in time, or moods that you might experience. Paired with the right scotch, a high-quality cigar could be the main attraction to your evening or just a casual accompaniment to your morning coffee.


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