The Best Pieces of Beef for Stove or Oven Cooking

Beef…it can be the star of any meal. Whether prepared as a juicy steak or served as strips in a delicious steak fajita, beef is sure to be a delicious focal point of your next meal. While beef does have a distinctive taste, it is important to know which piece of beef is best for your particular dish.


In order to prepare beef dishes that really showcase the best of the beef that you are serving, it is important to understand the different qualities of beef as they are derived from the cow. A piece of beef is only as good as it is prepared.  Knowing the best preparation for your beef will ensure that you are well-informed as to which pieces of beef are best to prepare for your meals.


The following are some of the best cuts of beef to use for stove or oven cooking. Be creative and consider all the different ways that you can prepare beef with your stove and/or oven.


Derived from the lower chest area of a cow, brisket is a tougher cut of meat. In order to really enjoy this type of meat fully, the right cooking methods must be employed. When preparing brisket with a stove/oven, it is best to braise it first. Braising is the process of using both dry and wet heat to cook food. This type of meat is best cooked at a high temperature in a pan, and then transferred to a Dutch oven where it can then be slow cooked for a longer period of time. The liquids added to the Dutch oven or deep pan can vary as the slow cooking process not only adds flavor to the brisket but also makes it very tender.


Flank steak comes from the abdominal muscles of a cow. This type of steak has characteristic long fibers running through it. While it is a very flavorful cut of beef, it can be very tough. Thus, using a cooking method that adequately softens the texture is recommended.


Because this cut of beef has the tendency to burn easily at higher temperatures, braising is one of the best methods for preparation using your stove. Make sure you have a pan that is deep enough to contain the flank steak as well as the liquid used for braising. Cooking of this cut of beef should be done slowly to allow flavors to seep into the meat as well as to ensure that the meat is tender.


The chuck cut of beef comes from the area of the cow that is above the rib. It can also include the shoulder. This cut of beef tends to be tough because of the muscles located on this portion of the cow. There are times where there are variations in the texture of chuck beef within the same cut.


In order to prepare this beef so that it is tender, stove cooking methods are preferable. Braising and broiling are recommended as they are very effective in creating tender chuck beef while adding flavor. If you marinate the chuck beef prior to cooking, this helps to tenderize the meat.


Broiling chuck beef requires that you place the marinated chuck beef on a pre-heated pan of choice and place it under the broiler. You must be careful to watch your chuck beef to ensure that it doesn’t burn. This high-heat method of preparing your chuck beef will result in flavorful, tender beef that has a nice charred flavor.


Sirloin is one of the most diverse cuts of beef to prepare. It is highly preferred because it’s not as tough as other cuts of beef. Derived from the rear portion of the cow, sirloin steak is divided into different cuts based on quality. The best portions are those with the marbled top. Sirloin beef is a good choice if you want flavored beef at a good price.


Because of its mid-range texture, you can prepare sirloin beef in a number of ways. From pan-frying to broiling to roasting, sirloin is a great choice for stove or oven cooking.


If you want to make the most of your beef, make sure to choose a cut of beef that syncs well with your preparation method. There are several cuts of beef that are ideal for stovetop or oven cooking that you will thoroughly enjoy.


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