The Best Beef Marinades : BBQ, Korean, Texan and More !

There is nothing like a good marinade to give your beef some extra flavor. Whether you are making steaks in the comfort of your home for your family or enjoying the warm weather and the smell of meat grilling, the right marinade is sure to have your family and friends greatly impressed with your cooking and grilling skills.


Here are some marinade beef bbq options that you can try to add a little flavor to your meat.


A good BBQ marinade can’t be beat. Everyone loves BBQ. When you pair a good BBQ marinade with beef, you have a winner. Whether you are looking to BBQ some beef rib tips or maybe even a whole rack of beef ribs, the ingredients in your BBQ sauce are important.


While there are an assortment of recipes for quality homemade BBQ sauce, there are a few ingredients that are mandatory for a delicious marinade. You’ll definitely impress others with your cooking and grilling skills if you include minced garlic or chipotle to your sauce. The flavors from these ingredients are delicious and even more so when you let the sauce sit for a few hours so that all the flavors can release.


Forget about the store bought BBQ sauces. Try making your own homemade BBQ sauce, and you’ll never look back.


Korean BBQ is a favorite for many, but not everyone knows how to make it correctly. The Korean bulgogi that has become a favorite for many can easily be used not only on short ribs but also other pieces of meat such as steak and chicken. A good Korean BBQ marinade must include a high-quality soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, and green onions.  


To really enjoy the flavor of a Korean BBQ marinade, it’s very important to allow the meat to soak up the marinade overnight if possible. Once the marinade permeates the meat, you can prepare it anyway you like. Korean BBQ is always a favorite whether on the stove or on the grill.

Texas BBQ

While BBQ is well-known no matter where you go, there is something uniquely special about good old-fashioned Texas BBQ.  Get ready for some flavorful BBQ that is smoked long and slow overnight over a hardwood fire.


The seasoned rub used for authentic Texas BBQ is usually quite simple with salt and pepper and other seasonings, but the taste is like no other BBQ that exists.


You can attempt to make Texas BBQ yourself, if you have the right equipment. Remember, this BBQ is not just about the rub. It’s also about the slow grilling process. Texas brisket is like no other.


Add some Latin flavor to your beef with a Cuban-inspired Mojo or Argentine Churrasco marinade. Mojo combines the citrus flavors of limes with spices to create a marinade that is tangy yet sweet and oh so delicious.


The Churrasco is Argentine grilled steak, and it is often served with a delicious chimichurri sauce that is made of oil, garlic, vinegar and a variety of herbs. While the chimichurri sauce is usually used for dipping pieces of beef, you can marinate your beef in the chimichurri and prepare it as so desired.  These Latin-inspired BBQ marinades provide a nice twist to traditional BBQ.

If you enjoy BBQ, why limit yourself? There are so many ways that you can thoroughly enjoy your beef. Whether you are looking for a different way to flavor your beef for dinner recipes or perhaps you’re interested in new ways to add flavor to your BBQ, these beef marinades give you variety.


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