Meaning Behind the Body, Strength, and Flavor of a Cigar

Smoking a cigar is a sensory experience, and everyone’s encounter is different, even if smoking the same cigar. The body, strength, and flavor all affect your enjoyment of a cigar. Rib’N Reef’s cigar lounge is the perfect place to savor your favorite cigar or to try a new one.

Making cigars is an art form steeped in tradition and knowledge passed down through the generations. All these years of experience and practice start from understanding seeds and growing conditions and end with the purposeful choice of tobacco and picking the perfect wrapper to create a balance of characteristics. There is nothing accidental about creating cigars meant for savoring.

As you contemplate Rib’N Reef’s cigar menu, you might notice our descriptions. As you develop your personal sensory experience with cigars, the cigar descriptions will help you choose the best cigar to enjoy.

The Body of a Cigar

The body of a cigar is related to the fullness or depth of the flavor and includes both the taste and the touch receptors. It creates a sense of heaviness or lightness. For instance, a mild cigar might be like drinking a light roast coffee. It feels light on the palate. A full-bodied cigar, on the other hand, will feel almost heavy in your mouth.

The Strength of a Cigar

The strength of a cigar is typically conveyed as light to full. The strength of a cigar is simply the physiological impact of the tobacco. Your physiological reaction might include your heart rate increasing or a feeling of light-headedness. The level of nicotine is a primary consideration for the strength of a cigar. A higher level of nicotine will create a greater physical impact.

Rib’N Reef includes the length of the cigar on our menu. We include this information because the length of the cigar impacts its characteristics, including the strength. For instance, a longer cigar means an increase in smoke time compared to a short cigar. Furthermore, the gauge of a cigar is an indicator of strength simply due to the volume of tobacco.

The Flavor of a Cigar

The flavor of a cigar can range from light to full. Every person will have a different experience with the magnitude of a cigar’s flavor because everyone’s ability to perceive flavor is different. Also, the physical taste of a cigar comes from the ability to both taste and smell. The chemical makeup of tobacco impacts the taste, as does the paper used to wrap the cigar.

If you are new to smoking cigars, Rib’N Reef’s cigar lounge is a perfect place to develop your experience and develop your unique taste for cigars. If you are an experienced cigar smoker with a refined palate for the body, strength, and flavor of a cigar, you will find much to enjoy from Rib’N Reef’s cigar menu.

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