It’s Healthy! So…Steak Anytime of the Day

There’s no doubt about it, lingering at the dinner table enjoying a delicious meal of steak is a great way to end your busy day. But this healthy protein option isn’t just for dinner – it’s for breakfast and lunch as well.

Steak for breakfast

The concept of having steak for breakfast isn’t a new one – steak has been on the breakfast menu for years. What is new is actually enjoying your breakfast with a great cut and cook of steak instead of just a basic cut of meat that’s been thrown in the pan and overcooked until it’s too tough to eat.

What’s the best cut for breakfast steak?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer – any cut of steak will taste good in the morning. There are however some reasons for choosing one over another. Tender steaks, such as a ribeye, are best if you’re grilling them alone and then just serving alongside eggs and potatoes.

If you’re having steak cooked into hash or putting it inside a burrito with other ingredients, a flat iron steak is ideal.

Why steak is a healthy breakfast choice

Steak is a healthy choice for breakfast – it’s full of healthy protein, it can fill you up for the next few hours until lunch, and it’s fast and easy to make. Add eggs and grilled tomatoes to the dish and you’ve got a well-rounded breakfast that you can quickly get used to eating every morning.

Other reasons why steak is great breakfast choice: there are a lot of nutrients and vitamins in red meat. When you eat red meat in moderation, it provides your body with an excellent source of protein. Some of the main nutrients in steak include iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamins B12 and B6, and zinc.

When it comes to a healthy steak breakfast, don’t overcook your meat. A steak that is grilled to medium or medium rare has more Vitamins B6 and A than a steak that’s too well done.

Little known breakfast trivia

The next time you’re doubting having a steak breakfast just remember that it’s the choice of astronauts. Eating steak for breakfast before heading off to space became a custom on May 5th, 1961. Before his flight on the Freedom 7, Al Shepard ate a breakfast of eggs, tea, orange juice….and a filet mignon steak. Since that first NASA steak breakfast, eating steak before being launched into space has been become a tradition among astronauts.

Steak for lunch

Most people shy away from eating at steak at lunch – they think it’s too heavy a protein to enjoy in the middle of the day and that they’ll be sleepy after eating a steak meal. Not true at all. If you dine on a steak with light side dishes at lunch, you’ll be energized and ready for the afternoon. And if your steak is a little on the big side, you have all afternoon to wear off those extra calories.

Steak and your heart

Many people avoid eating steak – they’ve been told that red meat is bad for the heart and that you should avoid it altogether. This is far from the truth. Steak contains fat, but it’s a healthy, saturated fat that’s used by your body for multiple functions. It may help to improve your cholesterol levels, which can help to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Best cuts of steak for health

Some cuts of meat are leaner than others. Top sirloin has more protein that other lean cuts. Although it has up to 10 grams of fat for each serving, 6 of those grams are unsaturated fat…and good for you. A top round is lean and tender, with lots of flavor. The same for steaks from the bottom round roast – steak from this cut of beef is lean but can be tough so it’s usually marinated for a few hours before grilling.

The next time you’re in the mood for steak, don’t limit yourself to dinner…it’s a healthy and lean choice of protein that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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