Exploring New Tastes In Cigars

Cigars. They’re made all around the world, each unique with their own tasting flavors and characteristics. We all have our favorite, the one we always reach for at the end of a good meal. Or the one that we can kick back with at the end of a long day, relaxing as we smoke in silence.

Why not step out of your comfort zone and explore some new tastes and flavors in your cigar at the best cigar lounge in Montreal?

What Taste Is All About

In order to fully taste a cigar and recognize what makes it unique, you need to know a little about what the taste is all about. Because there are lot of little complex things that make up the taste, such as the climate where the tobacco is grown, the variety of tobacco, and the soil its grown in. Those are the first variables that go into the makings of taste.

Then there’s the aging process of the tobacco and where the cigar is manufactured. So many distinctions that can ultimately alter the taste based on even the smallest conditions that sometimes even manufacturers aren’t able to distinguish. Until it comes to the wrapper.

It’s All In The Wrapper

Yes, it’s the wrapper that is your biggest clue about that new taste in cigars you’re about to explore. Wrappers are all different, unique to where the tobacco was grown, but you’ll still be able to get a good indication of the quality. For instance, if there’s oil in the wrapper you’ll know that the cigar has good humidity and will give you a nice cool smoke.

The Age Of Tobacco

Still another way that taste differs from one cigar to the next is the age of the tobacco. The more aged the leaf is, the richer and smoother the cigar is going to be. Cigars that are too freshly rolled aren’t going to give you that full rounded taste – instead what you’re getting is a sharper taste. Which isn’t always a bad thing, just different.

The Finishing Aftertaste

Once you start exploring new cigars, the finish is your deciding factor of whether you’ve found a new favorite or are ready to move on to the next cigar. The finish, or aftertaste, is that enjoyment of flavor that lasts long after the taste and smell of a cigar have passed…it’s that lingering of complex flavors, and the longer it lingers the better you’ll be able to enjoy.

Tips For Cigar Tasting

If you’re going to be tasting more than one cigar at a time, you’ll want to smoke the mildest first so that you build up to stronger tastes. Another suggestion – don’t always reach for those strongest cigars when you’re trying new tastes. Otherwise you’ll overpower your palate, making it more difficult for you to taste the nuances and complexities of mild and medium cigars.

No matter what cigars you decide to try next, enjoy the process from start to finish, relishing the aftertaste of new flavors from different tobacco regions of the world.


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