Are Cuban Cigars Really Better?

Cuban cigars are famous throughout the world for their complex flavor, unique tobacco blends, and top-quality construction. In fact, many people can hardly think of Cuba without picturing cigars. While perhaps no one surpasses Americans at praising Cuban cigars, but Canadians are second to none for enjoying them. Cuban cigars are such a universal pleasure that Americans cross the border just to get at them! With all the praises in favor of Cuban stogies, are they the best cigars on the market? That depends on who you ask. Regardless of whether Cuban cigars are better, they certainly bring excitement to any humidor. So are Cuban cigars really better? Before we can answer that question, we need to figure out what sets Cuban cigars apart.


What Makes Cuban Cigars So Special?


Cuban cigars share many of the same qualities as tobacco grown in other regions. Premium cigars, including Cubans, contain nothing but 100 percent natural tobacco as their sole ingredient. That means that the growing region has a massive impact on the tobacco’s eventual flavor and aroma. While properly cured tobacco is key to a fine cigar, the curing process can only work with what growers give to it. This makes the location an essential part of the eventual cigar. No matter what growers do, no two cigars with tobacco grown in separate regions could ever perfectly match.


Tobacco derives much of its flavor from the soil it grows in. Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean, and its western region is known for prime cigar tobacco. While Cuban tobacco seeds can be grown in many other regions and show similarities, there is simply no way to replicate the exact environment of Cuban tobacco. Many cigars from other regions advertise that they are made from Cuban tobacco. However, aficionados note many subtle differences in flavor, aroma, and strength.


The Unique Qualities of Cuban Cigars


Cuban cigars are renowned for being rich in flavor. While most other cigars burn with white ashes, Cuban cigars burn with surprising greyish-black ash. Not every Cuban cigar is top of the line, but many Cuban cigars top the lists of smokers around the world. This makes sense since the island nation has four centuries of spectacular tobacco farming and skillful cigar rolling. These qualities all work together to create the most famous cigar region in the world.


Though Cuban cigars have many unique qualities, whether they are the best is a matter of taste. Many people swear by Cuban cigars and make a point to seek them out. Others have favorite smokes from other growing regions. Generally, cigar enthusiasts find something to love about every area’s tobacco.


Cuban Cigars Are Great Dinner Companions


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