Butcher Shop Meat Cuts : Quality Guaranteed

There is something very appealing about butcher shop meat cuts that make the conventional store packaged meat less desirable. Perhaps it’s the fact that the meat is prepared locally. Maybe it’s being able to actually see your meat up close and personal prior to packaging. There are a host of reasons why butcher shop meat is several grades above the rest.


If you are tired of searching for the best cuts of beef among the pre-packaged beef cuts at your local market, consider using a butcher for your meat cuts.

Butcher Shop Meat-Why Is It So Special?

You’ve probably heard people raving about the wonders of butcher shop meat. But, is it really that special? Is it worth the extra trouble to stand in line at a butcher to purchase some meat when you can easily get your meat from a local grocery store? Many would argue that butcher shop meat is many steps above the meat found in local supermarkets. But why is this ?


Butcher shop meat cuts are of a higher quality because the meat is directly purchased from farms instead of mass produced as with conventional grocery store meats. You get to see your meat up close and personal whereas with grocery store meat what you see in those little pre-packaged containers is not always what you get.


Also, purchasing meat from a butcher shop is an experience in itself. It is an experience that is largely very differently from buying meat from a grocery store in that it is more familiar and personal allowing you as the consumer to gain a better understanding of the meat products you buy.

Benefits of Purchasing Butcher Shop Meat

There are several benefits to purchasing butcher shop meats cuts. Some of the benefits include :


  • – You get a personal experience where you can ask questions about the cuts of beef you are buying. This is rarely possible with conventional grocery store beef. You get to ask questions about the origins of the beef that you are purchasing which is important when you want to only consume the best meat products available.
  • – You get to actually see cuts of meat up close and personal and select the cut of beef that you like. You also get to see a butcher prepare the meat in front of your eyes. It is possible to get cuts of meat that are not often available at local grocery stores.
  • – Your meat is local when you buy from a butcher, so it is by far fresher than anything you could possibly get from the local grocery store. Your butcher is a great resource to learn more about different cuts of meat and how to prepare them.


These are just a few of the reasons why butcher shop meat cuts are always better than their grocery store counterparts.

The Woes of Grocery Store Meat

When you begin purchasing meat from a butcher and taste the difference in the meat, you will begin to question the meat from grocery stores. You have likely heard of the numerous tales of sickness and woes that accompany grocery store meat. From the recalls because of E.coli to claims of non-cow meat being passed off as beef, grocery store meat has earned a poor reputation over the years.


Brown meat colored pink to appear fresh, poor selections of meat, and  unhealthy the living conditions of the animals used for meat are just some of the many woes associated with grocery store meat that have many turning to local butchers for high-quality meat cuts.


With butcher shop meat cuts, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality meat. Your local butcher is motivated to provide you with the best that they have to offer. They know meat very well, and they are always able to assist with advice on the best meat cuts for your specific needs. These are all things you can’t get from grocery store meat which is why butcher shop meat cuts outshine their grocery store counterparts.


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