The Best Steaks, Wines, and Cigars for the Father Who Does it All

With father’s day fast approaching (June 17 in case you didn’t know,) you may be prepared to walk into the store and buy what you always do for your dad – whether it’s a new tie, funny socks, or a gift card to a home improvement store, these gifts can seem impersonal and rushed. If you’re looking for something that will knock your dad’s socks off and show him how much you care about all he’s done for you, consider stepping up your gift-giving game with steaks, wines, or cigars.


Treating your dad to a steak dinner, or even offering to man the grill for the night, will take some of the pressure off of your dad and allow him to enjoy the night. If you’re grilling at home, be sure to ask for cuts about 40mm thick – even if you’re a newcomer at the grill, this size will guarantee you won’t overcook the meat. In terms of summer cuts, porterhouse and filet mignon are two classic summer cuts. Roasting steak with vegetables or even lemon (depending on the cut) can bring your Father’s Day dinner an extra summer flair. Just be careful to pair your steak with the right wine; otherwise, the taste of the meat and wine will be altered.


Although wine may sound like a strange choice for Father’s Day, especially given the connotations of it as a “girly drink,” this isn’t the case whatsoever. Wine can be paired perfectly with everything from steaks to cigars and can help ward off the wretched summer heat. Crisp, light wines are best for summer, so this usually means white wine. Even though this may be the case, chilled, easy-to-drink red wines are also perfect for hot days. Some of the best wines for summer (and for your hardworking dad) include Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Chardonnay, Rosé, and even Merlot. This helpful tool can also help you pick the best wine based on someone’s personality.


After a long day of sitting out in the sun, mowing the lawn, or standing behind a hot grill, the perfect nightcap while socializing or watching the sunset is a cigar. Although the summer heat may be dreadful, enjoying a cigar can help you escape from it all, plus – they make great gifts. While sitting by the fire, a La Dueña cigar is the perfect pairing for summer nights. It has a medium body and hints of cocoa and leather. The cigar also has a mild spice to it, which helps compliment the scent of burning wood. They can be purchased here. If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your dad on Father’s Day over a glass of scotch and a lively conversation, try picking up a La Gloria Cubana Serie R Maduro. These medium-bodied cigars are a little on the strong side and are meant to be enjoyed over a long walk in the park or over a delicious steak dinner. They can be purchased here.


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