The Best Cigars to Enjoy Outside This Summer

Summer is approaching, and there is a lot to look forward to. Longer days, warmer weather, and more time to relax are all on our list of reasons to be excited for the season. Of course, if you love cigars, summer has another meaning for you too: it’s time to enjoy a smoke in the warm, pleasant outdoors. But when at the best cigar lounge in Montreal, what cigar should you take out this summer after a barbecue, day at the pool, or other outdoor adventure?

Uppman 50


Uppman is one of the oldest and most respected names in cigars. These 50-gauge double robustos are just over six inches long and pack some intense flavour. With strong woody notes and smooth leather with suggestions of vanilla, this cigar is a perfect fit for cool summer nights. Hints of spice and fruit make it a wonderful dinner smoke.


Flor De Claro


The first thing you will notice about the Flor De Claro is the rich, striking green colour of its Candela wrapper. Few cigars used Candela wrappers, making this a unique treat. Candela tobaccos are known to be sweet, spicy, earthy, and just a bit grassy. The Nicaraguan binder and Dominican leaf filler combine with the wrapper to create a solid cigar that is rich in flavour. The Flor De Claro is an incredible cigar to enjoy poolside or in the shade on a hot day.


Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill


Romeo Y Julieta is known for reliably fantastic cigars and the Short Churchill is no exception. At just under 5 inches and a 50-ring gauge, the Short Churchill has all the flavour and power of its lengthier counterparts. This robusto brings a delicious woody flavour that is strong without being overpowering. This is the perfect cigar for a late-night smoke under the stars.


Nub Cameroon


The Nub Cameroon is a striking 60-gauge cigar that is just four inches long. A Cameroon wrapper holds delicious Nicaraguan tobacco, giving a balanced smoke. Flavours of sweet earth and smooth nuttiness abound with this cigar. This is a fine afternoon smoke, perfect for a sunny day enjoying the breeze. It pairs well with a wide variety of foods and drinks too.


Davidoff Demi-Tasse


The Demi-Tasse hides immense flavour in a small package. A 22-gauge cigar measuring four inches, this light cigar is perfect as an aperitif or digestif smoke. These delicate cigars offer all the flavour of their larger counterparts in a pleasant, 20-minute session. The Demi-Tasse features tobacco from Brazil, Indonesia, and the Caribbean, rolled in an Indonesian binder and decorated by a smooth Sumatran wrapper. The light, refined flavour of the Demi-Tasse is reminiscent of leather, cocoa, cedar, sweet spice, and caramel.


Enjoying Cigars in a Fine Dining Atmosphere


Nothing beats enjoying a fine cigar over a delicious meal. This is even truer in the beautiful summer months. The Rib’N Reef is the perfect venue for all three. Check out our full menu of exquisite cigars, wines, and hand-prepared meals for yourself.


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