Rib'N Reef: famous steakhouse restaurant in Montreal

Steakhouse Restaurant Montreal

Cuts of meet from the renowned Pat Lefrieda
(USDA Prime - the rarest 2% of all steaks)

Fresh - Never frozen
Custom-designed refrigeration system

Cut daily by our own butcher
Aged a minimum of 28 days
High-temperature grilled

We import fresh fish from around the world

Sommelier to suggest the best wine selection

Rooftop terrace (smoke-free)

The best cigar lounge in Montreal
State of the art ventilation system

Less than 10 min from Dorval International Airport
Less than 10 min from downtown

Complementary valet parking


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Steak House

steakhouse restaurant

Seafood & Fish

seafood restaurant

Wine Cellar

wine cellar

Cigar Lounge

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This steakhouse has been a Montreal institution for 52 years!

Enjoy an incomparable dining experience at the Montreal Rib’N Reef Steakhouse Restaurant

The Rib’N Reef is a Montreal steakhouse restaurant specializing in seafood and grill providing an unparalleled dining experience. The steakhouse’s friendly atmosphere and clean, elegant design is an ideal place to satisfy your appetite. You can rely on its highly qualified staff for excellent, attentive service, and take delight in its exquisite dishes. Enjoy the ultimate steakhouse experience at the Montreal Rib’N Reef steak restaurant, with dishes that explode in the mouth with flavour, from the entrée to the dessert.

With more than 50 years of expertise satisfying a variety of tastes, the Rib’N Reef steakhouse restaurant has forged a stellar reputation, winning awards of excellence for several years running in recognition of its high quality services. Because of this, the steak house is considered one of the best restaurants in Montreal. The Rib’N Reef strives to provide its guests with complete satisfaction, through meticulous service and exceptional dishes with unparalleled flavours.

Best roast beef in Montreal

Entrees include soups such as homemade lobster bisque with chunks of lobster, homemade New England clam chowder, and French onion soup with grated Parmesan and emmental cheese. The steakhouse restaurant also serves a variety of salads including our signature Caesar salad prepared at your table, Greek Village salad, arugula salad, chopped beef tomato salad and crunchy iceberg wedge salad.

Montreal steak is one of Rib’N Reef’s basic specialities. Given the choice of dishes, our cuts of meat will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Generous and flavourful, they are cooked on a charcoal grill just the way you like them. Fresh meats, dry-aged to perfection, are cut daily.

At the Rib’N Reef, a steak is never just a steak. It’s the product of a rigorous selection process, careful preparation and excellent service, so that you can enjoy every mouthful. Each meal is made from scratch by our culinary team and served by our very skilled personnel. Whether you visit for a lively evening or during weekdays, each dish Rib’N Reef steakhouse restaurant serves is truly unique and exceptional. The restaurant is considered one of the best steak houses in Montreal because of its beautifully prepared steak and impeccable service.

On the grill menu, this Montreal steakhouse restaurant boasts a wide variety of beef dishes approved by the USDA, ranging from rib steak – P.K.’s cut or junior, to sirloin – New York cut or junior, and even pepper steak (served with a pepper sauce flambéed at the table), as well as the famously delicious filet mignon and mignonette, the T-Bone, the chateaubriand, milk-fed veal chops, double-cut lamb chops, the parmagiana veal cutlet, and last but not least, the excellent Manchon des Volitigeurs chicken breast. You’ll certainly have your choice of meat and cuts here, and don’t forget to try their famous slow-roasted seasoned prime rib.

Steak sauces and accompaniments

This steak house restaurant serves amazingly tasty sauces to accompany their cuts of beef, so that every bite is pleasurable. These include flambéed pepper, mushroom or béarnaise, herb butter, Gorgonzola or even truffle.

The vegetables and sides served with our main courses include incredible sautéed mushrooms, fresh rappini and sautéed fresh rappini with onion, fresh broccoli, fresh baby spinach in olive oil and garlic or cream, fresh asparagus au gratin, fresh grilled vegetables, Mac & Cheese, as well as onion rings with aioli sauce. There is a variety of potato sides that cannot be forgotten: steak-cut fries, an oven-baked potato, or even mashed potatoes with roasted garlic…and last but not least, our unforgettable poutine with flambéed pepper gravy. Rice is also available as an alternative.

Whether in the evening or during weekdays, every dish prepared by the Rib’N Reef steak house is truly unique and exceptional. The steakhouse is considered one of the best in Montreal because of its beautifully prepared steak and impeccable service. That’s not all! You can also enjoy other specialties at the Rib’N Reef restaurant, including seafood and fresh fish.

Rib’N Reef is also a seafood restaurant with fresh fish

The Rib’N Reef is lobster restaurant as well as a fish restaurant, and is one of the most prestigious seafood restaurants in Montreal because of its hors d’œuvres and wonderful fish dishes.

If you decide to visit this seafood restaurant, feel free to enjoy the giant shrimp cocktail with our tasty house sauce, which you will not find anywhere else. We use only top quality ingredients to prepare our fish, which is why all of your senses will be awakened when you taste it. There is also smoked salmon and other dishes on the menu, depending on the availability of the fresh fish selected. Tuna tartar prepared at your table, fresh oysters in the shell, traditional steak tartar and Beluga caviar are just a few of the exquisite dishes served by this seafood restaurant, which will delight your taste buds.

The layered seafood platter is a great item for 4 to 6 people, combining items from the lobster restaurant with those from the seafood restaurant. In fact, this dish includes oysters, shrimp, snow crab claws, crab pieces, lobster claws and tails, and scallops.

The Rib’N Reef seafood restaurant’s kitchen also prepares delicious grilled giant shrimp marinated in herbs and garlic, crab cakes in the Chef’s original sauce, lightly-seasoned fried calamari, grilled octopus served with red onions and extra virgin olive oil, chorizo sausage, oven-baked Rockefeller oysters absolutely rich with flavour, and sirloin sliders. As for the seafood restaurant’s hot dishes, you can try the grilled giant shrimp, fried calamari, Rockefeller oysters, grilled octopus and grilled vegetables.

The Rib’N Reef fish restaurant serves, among other things, halibut filet, Atlantic salmon filet and seared tuna steak in a sesame crust. The choice of fresh fish largely depends on market availability. Fish is always cooked over charcoal with pure olive oil, and it is garnished with freshly squeezed lemon juice and capers.

The Rib’N Reef’s Seafood Classics

The list of classic dishes includes grilled giant shrimp, which are marinated in herbs and garlic and are incredibly rich and delicious, large Provencal scallops, steamed Alaskan king crab legs and fresh Maritime lobster, which can be served either grilled or steamed. This is why the Rib’N Reef is considered as one of the best seafood restaurants in Montreal.

Rib’N Reef, best wine list in Montreal

The Rib’N Reef is a first class establishment. It’s a refined, upscale restaurant with excellent food and excellent service. Considered No1 in Montréal and among the most prestigious steakhouses in Canada, it has won numerous awards and recognitions, which is a testament to its team’s high quality service, expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re dining with that special someone, for business or to celebrate memorable times in your life, the upscale Rib’N Reef restaurant offers a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, warm, approachable staff, and most of all, a menu to enjoy and recommend. This classy restaurant is the ideal place for private dinners or to make any occasion with family or friends memorable. The Rib’N Reef also provides private tables combining elegance and discretion, ideal for business meetings.

During the summer months, the Rib’N Reef opens its rooftop terrace to the delight of those who enjoy high places. It’s an excellent covered outdoor refuge for patio lovers, with the same quality standards as found in the steakhouse restaurant.

When you choose a high-calibre restaurant like the Rib’N Reef, you are choosing a perfectly-prepared meal, consistently great service and the utmost quality every time. Treat yourself to excellence and perfection and enjoy life to its fullest in an authentic steakhouse. Treat yourself to the Rib’N Reef!

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