What to Expect When Going Out to Eat During the Pandemic

Stay-at-home orders have eased in many areas, and people now want to go out to eat for date nights, celebrations, or just fun meals. However, the virus is spreading more, so many restaurants have made some changes to make dining safer. You can still enjoy a professionally prepared meal and stay safe.

Planning Ahead

If you can make reservations at the restaurant, this is a good idea so that you can avoid waiting a long time near other people who could potentially be carrying the virus. Before you book a table, check if the restaurant follows social distancing, which involves allowing separate groups or households to sit six feet apart or more. Another part of planning ahead involves making sure you have a mask with you.

Wearing Your Mask

Today, many areas require individuals to wear masks in indoor public spaces. Wearing a mask might help you to protect the staff as they take you to a table. The mask should fit over your chin, nose, and mouth securely.

In some areas, it might not be necessary to wear the mask once you have sat down. Nonetheless, you should wear your mask when you are ordering. That shows courtesy to the staff members that are bringing you the drinks and food.

Once the order does arrive, you can take off your mask. Make sure that you handle it by the straps or ear loops instead of the portion that touches your face. Place it in an area that is away from the silverware, glasses, or plates. You might want to have a separate bag to store it in so that you do not get exposed to any germs.

Once you have finished eating, you will want to put the mask back on so the staff members can safely remove your plates and get you the check. If you get up during the meal, it is also wise to replace the mask. It is a good idea to sanitize your hands before eating, especially after you handle the mask.

Other Tips

At many restaurants today, the tables and chairs are spaced so that when guests are sitting, they can stay far enough apart from other guests. However, if you need to get up, be careful to avoid other people so that you don’t get too close to them.

For example, if you see a friend in a restaurant, you should avoid walking across the room to greet them. You can text or call them later on. You can wave or smile with your eyes, and they will most likely understand. And if someone wants to shake your hand, you might want to avoid touching them.

Closing Thoughts

The good news is that restaurants are open again, although there are some changes. Being aware of these changes can help you to be better prepared to have a good experience. Then you can safely enjoy a delicious steak dinner.

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